Independent Science Project Abstracts

Below are actual abstracts from sixth grade science students who have performed an independent science project of their own choosing. Each abstract is a short summary of the experiment the student performed and what the final results were.

Removing Stains From Fabrics
Human Inaccuracy When Measuring Temperature
Testing Different Liquids In Bubble Solutions
The Deformation Of Stress Balls When Put Under Mass
Launching A Rocket With Dry Ice
How Does Temperature Affect The Ability Of Silly Putty To Stretch
Comparing Incandescent And Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Which Onion Causes The Greatest Reaction And Is There A Cure
Bouncing Silly Putty In Different Liquids
The Eruption of Dry Ice In Different Liquids
Does Flooring And Shape Affect The Bounce Height Of Silly Putty
Understanding The Physics Of Color
Which Salt Melts Ice The Fastest
How Frame Rate Affects Film Smoothness
How SPF Affects UV Light Penetration
The Reaction Of Pop Rocks And Soda
The Effect Of Carbon Dioxide On Bubble Creation
Which Organic Substance Is The Most Effective Water Purifier
Paper Chromatography
Does Temperature Affect Coke Fizz
The Effect Of Location On Cosmic Ray Detection
The Effect Of Voltage On Electromagnets
The Effect Of Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets On The Tongue
The Effect Of Temperature On Silly Putty Bounce Height
Evaporating Liquids To Inflate A Balloon
How The Materials Of A Bubble Wand Affects The Bubble
Does Temperature Affect Balloon Size
The Pop-ability Of Popcorn In Different Oils
Experiments With Coke And Mentos